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About Pure Telephone

A simple wholesale phone company

Pure Telephone is a telecommunications provider that suits any wholesale VoIP user. Our strong portfolio of brands and services provides us leverage for the most competitive pricing.

We are a facilities based CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) in Florida and created in 2014. Our mission is to solve very specific problems with easy to use wholesale telecommunications as the answer. Serving small to medium VoIP providers, large business, and call centers Pure Telephone prides itself on providing the highest quality service at the most competitive rates.

Smooth Sailing That's why your the boss!

A high-quality infrastructure puts your company in the driver seat with your telecommunications service. No contracts or commitments required that truely fits anyone's needs. Instantly utilize cost effective least cost routing systems so you can get more bang for your buck.

Being a 100% debt free facilities based CLEC we bring the VoIP so you can worry about other things. We provide our wholesale and large customers with dedicated failover systems to limit downtown to only a few seconds per year.

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How we are better?

We stay up to date with current technologies and pass the savings to our customers.

Affordable Rates

We carry some of the best domestic termination traffic in the country without having to put price before quality.

Crystal Clear

With our network and direct interconnections we can provide the highest quality voice origination and termination.

Fully Scalable

Our network consists of switching nodes allowing us to expand into new datacenters both domestic and international.

High Throughput

The way our network is designed we are able to handle 1,000s of SIP calls per second directly without congestion or quality degregation.

Domestic Origination

We can accomodate 1000 call conferences on without a hitch out of the box. You will notice the call quality immediately.


Quality voice termination with un-beatable rates for domestic conversational traffic. We offer free testing so let's get started.

Short Duration

Growing increasing more difficult to find quality short duration termination vendors. We provide high CPS and ASR short duration termination.


Our A-Z Termination for both conversational and short duration is extremely aggressive with our direct route network of vendors.

Calls Per Second


Originated Calls


Happy Customers


API Integrations


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Let's talk your about telecommunications needs and see how we can help.

Sometimes just a quick chat and a free test can show you how much your current provider is making. We are surprisingly competitive against even the largest carriers when it comes to short and long duration termination.